Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dr. Cow Vegan Cheese

My friend and I recently went to Pure Food and Wine for a gourmet vegan dinner. I was most impressed by the vegan cheese platter we had with crackers. The flavors were complex and nutty. The texture felt very much like a slice of cheese in my mouth.

When I first started eating vegan food, I couldn’t stand vegan cheese. I thought it had a funny aftertaste and I didn’t like all the additives. Recently I have gotten into Diaya, but it is really only good when it is melted.

The cheese I hade at Pure Food and Wine was called Dr. Cow Cheese. Dr. Cow is a Brooklyn based company that makes their cheeses entirely from organic nuts. They actually mix in acidophilus to create a nut curd. As a result, it is technically real cheese just using nuts instead of milk! Their flavors include cashew, macadamia nut, and hemp.   I picked some up the other night and Rich and I had cheese, crackers, and a nice big salad!

I know you can get this product at many Whole Foods locations in NYC. The Park Slope Food Co-op also carries Dr. Cow Cheese.  It was very good with sesame crackers and wine!

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