Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vegan Pita Pizzas

Last weekend I used my home-made pesto to make some vegan pesto pita pizzas. I got some fresh pita from Zaytoons in Prospect Heights. It was very easy to make and very rewarding to eat! The vegan cheese was warm and creamy melted over the flavorful pesto. The grilled onions added a little sweetness, the sun dried tomatoes a little salt, and the pepperoncinis a little spicy kick. It is something I will make again soon!

1 onion
1 tsp olive oil
2 large pita breads
1/3 cup of pesto
1/2 cup of Daiya vegan mozzarella cheese 
4 sun dried tomatoes
3 pepperoncinis
fresh ground pepper to taste

1. Grill one chopped onion in a teaspoon of olive oil until the onion is slightly browned.
2. Chop pepperoncinis and sun dried tomoatoes.
3. Spread the vegan pesto over the pita.
4. Sprinkle the vegan mozzarella cheese on top.
5. Add the onion, sun dried tomatoes, pepperoncinis, and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15minutes or until the cheese is melted. Be careful not to overcook or the pita will get hard.
6. Add some fresh ground pepper and enjoy warm!

Next time I might try some other toppings to mix it up. I might add some avocado, roasted garlic, or grilled mushrooms!

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